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1.Patented Technology Innovation


Movable Touch Screen (National Patent)


The operating platform is specially designed as a big touch screen display which can follow the operator's movements for quick operation.


Support Multiple Grooving Modes


A variety of automatic grooving programs such as one-way grooving, reciprocating grooving, and fixed-point grooving can be implemented. The tool holder is driven by a servo motor, and the feed accuracy is ±0.01mm.


High-precision Positioning Device(Dragging)


Synchronous guidance of dual precision screw rods and linear slides; Driven by Mitsubishi servo motor, positioning accuracy ≤0.03mm; All grooving mission can be automatically completed in a single time, so that the work which originally required three people can be completed by one person.

2.CNC System Intelligent Manufacturing


Self-developed Advanced CNC V-Grooving Control System


The GHBM dedicated 5U numerical control system has a high degree of automation and a simple and clear interface, which is convenient for operators who lack programming experience to quickly operate the equipment.

3.Alloy Steel Blade Holder


Double-head two-way grooving tool holder


Optional 4-cut/8-cut cutting structure, which can greatly improve work efficiency and product processing quality. A blowing device is added on the same side of the pressing system of the machine to improve the collection efficiency of waste.

4.Typical Grooving Samples


Aluminium Wall Cladding


Decorative Building Materials


5.Technical Parameter

Max. Processing Length

4200 mm

Max. Processing Width

1600 mm

Thickness Range

0.3 mm-6 mm

Min. V-trough Edge

8 mm

Servo Motor Power

4.2 KW

Control Method

3-Axis CNC Control


15 Inch Touch Screen

Storage Capacity

32K/140000 Steps

Hydraulic System

1.5KW / 35 L / 10 Mpa

Machine Frame Material


Blade Holder Material

Alloy Steel

X Axis-Blade Grooving Speed

4-28 m/min

X Axis-Blade Returning Speed

0-80 m/min

Y Axis-Blade’s Up & Down Moving Speed


Z Axis-Feeding Speed

0-60 m/min

Z Axis Accuracy


Material Feeding Stroke

1400 mm

Length     5360 mm

Width       2800 mm

Height      2325 mm

Weight      13500 KG

6.Working Video

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  • Max. bending length, thickness and material type?

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